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Manufacturer Testimonials

KBPY Promotion:
Easter Sweets & Goodies


Employees listening to KBPY on the job were invited to email in to win Easter Goodies for their companies. To promote the contest, the Morning Team ate Gimbal’s Jelly Beans while they were on the air.  They counted the jelly beans and put pictures on Facebook. There were three major winners, one of which was The First National Bank of North Platte. (It was obviously casual Friday at the bank.)

KCSR Promotion: Easter Sweets & Goodies


KCSR listeners were invited to call in when they heard, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” on the air to win a basket of Easter goodies!  There were over 20 winners.

KCSR/KBPY also donated candy from the TV & Radio Features package to two area town communities for their own Easter hunts.

KCSR sales staff members took many of the “prizes” in the TV & Radio Features Christmas Toy Package to their favorite clients, many of whom said, “No other company we have advertised with has ever brought such nice gifts, thanks a lot!”  Some were just as impressed that we brought such “well-known” products.

KCSR Promotion: Holiday Prizes & Christmas Toys


We give the toys and other Christmas items from the promotional package away with several on-air promotions, including remotes at businesses. Each business does one remote for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas* during which we draw names and announce winners who have to call the business and claim the prize or show up within 10 minutes.  Our success rate is about 95% of listeners who respond when their names are announced on KCSR.

*Christmas Trivia where listeners who answer trivia questions correctly win a package of prizes.

WHUG/WJTN Promotion: Easter Sweets & Goodies

WHUG/WJTN teamed up with the local humane society to give away Easter treats.  They held a live on location broadcast from the animal shelter on Saturday, April 9, 2011. “I’m happy to report that over 40 people came up in less than two hours, generating nearly $500 for the care of the animals in the shelter!”

Station Testimonials

“I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I think it is awesome the giveaways you do during the Christmas season. My family was fortunate last year to win an awesome box of fun gifts and truly loved all that we won. It helped make my children’s Christmas very fun and exciting. The items we couldn’t use we gave as gifts to others – that part was the best. FREE GIFTS TO GIVE other loved ones. Thanks to all the sponsors and to you, KCSR, for making these giveaways possible. GOD BLESS and hope everyone has a very blessed Christmas this year!!!!”

Jennifer, 107.7 FM KBPY Listner and recipient of a TV & Radio Features promotional package

“The TV and Radio features model of working with clients to provide both on-air brand exposure and physical in-hand placement of those brands into the hands of consumers is an extremely efficient way to cultivate a new consumer base for these products.”

Tim, WCLO/WJVL Promotions Director

“As the KCSR/KBPY Sales Manager, I must say that our relationship with TV & Radio Features is a productive one!”

Kathi, KCSR/KBPY Sales Manager

“I wanted to add my thanks to you and your company for helping us with a nice radio promotion we recently completed. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Dan, WHUG/WJTN Program Director/Morning Host

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