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How can I get on your list to receive the promotions when they are available?

Just contact us through the contact form at the bottom or call 847-793-8000 and TV & Radio Features will add you to our email list to receive our approximate 9 promotions per year.

Can you give me a brief summary of how your promotions work?

For our radio and TV station clients, we provide timely and relevant products from national name brand manufacturers for contests, giveaways, community initiatives and charitable causes to enhance station’s credibility and maintain and/or increase listenership/viewership. TV & Radio Features will provide its clients with the products for a nominal service fee. Clients will also receive approximately 35 words of copy for them to use for the on-air mentions for each product.  For the approximate three to four week long promotions, we ask each participating client station to air approximately 25 to 35 mentions per product. After the promotion is completed, we ask our participating stations for copies of the radio spots/air checks/on-air mentions/TV commercial video’s. However the main goal TV & Radio Features has for it’s client stations is to be creative and HAVE FUN giving away awesome products!

How many stations can reserve the promotional packages?

There are a limited number of packages for each promotion.  We will accept in general only one station, per market until all of the promotion packages are reserved. So hurry when you see them in your email inbox to reserve yours!

Are there ways for stations to help increase their budgets and/or revenues with these promotion packages?

TV & Radio Features has found that many of our existing client stations will go directly to their existing or potential advertisers to underwrite the promotion.  As the products are then given away on-air, this could be a bonus for the advertiser. For example, “The 10th caller will win “XYZ” product (then 35 word copy from manufacturer) sponsored by “local business.” This concept has generated some of our client stations thousands of dollars in extra revenues per promotion.

How can these promotions help to increase and/or maintain our audience listenership?

Consumers love FREE stuff! The more your station gives away, the more people love it, listen, engage and talk about it to others for their chance to win!

How do the client stations give away the promotional products?

Each station may run the promotions as they choose, but here are some of the most popular ways they run these promotions:

  • Give products away on air: “The tenth caller will win…” Stations may instruct the caller to come to the station to pick up their prize.
  • Stations may host an on-location broadcast: the 15th person to come to our broadcast booth at the local store will win…
  • Use charitable/community programs: “The tenth caller will win… and we will match that by giving the equal amount to the children at the local children’s hospital.” (or other community charity)

(The charitable/community give a ways are a great way for stations to really enhance their perception because they are giving the products to the consumer and helping the community, as well. Great publicity for the station!)

How many promotions do TV & Radio Features run each year?

TV & Radio Features will run approximately 9 promotions per year each focused around holidays and/or special events.

What is timing for the promotion and arrival of product?

In general, products will ship from partner manufacturer in time to arrive for the start of the three to four week long promotion leading up to the holiday and/or event.

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