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Can you give a brief summary of how the “product only” TV & Radio promotions program works?


TV & Radio Features promotes timely and seasonal “packages” with relevant products from national, name-brand manufacturers for TV and radio stations. These promotional products provide stations the ability to add value to their station via promotions, contests, community initiatives and charitable causes. The product-only (no fee) structure gives the manufacturer a consumer product trial program with the added benefit of on-air mentions at a fraction of traditional radio advertising costs.

How will working with TV & Radio Features help with our advertising budget?


As a partner with TV & Radio Features you won’t have to dip into your ad budget at all!  With our program, you will get on air exposures AND product trial at no additional costs or fees.  Our programs work on a product-only basis, your inventory only.  You supply the products and we’ll supply the TV & radio airtime exposure along with consumer product trials.

Are there any other fees or costs to the partner manufacturers?


Nope! No way, none, nada, zip, nothing!  All we ask is that the products are shipped directly to the participating stations and that you provide approximately 35 words of copy, per product, for the on air mentions. We would even be happy to assist with your copy, if you like!

What is the cost difference if we only purchased air-time through an agency?


We have calculated an approximate cost to each of our partners based on our “product only” program versus traditional purchasing of radio and/or TV air time.  Our “product only” program for a 10-15 second spot will run approximately in the $5-$8 range versus a cost of $50-$250 range for an average 10-15 second radio or TV buy.

How many stations participate in each promotion?


Each promotion will go to a limited and pre-determined number of radio stations.  The first stations to reserve the promotion will be the participating stations until the determined number is reached. Ask for details about the promotion you are interested in.

What client stations do you work with and in what markets?


Markets vary from promotion to promotion. We work with a network of approximately 230 client stations across the United States.  Regularly participating stations in larger markets include: New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Louisville, Denver as well as additional stations in smaller cities with smaller markets. In general, we will accept the first client station per market to participate in promotions.

How do the client stations give away the promotional products?


Each station may run the promotions differently, but here are some of the most popular ways they choose to run these promotions:

  • Give products away on air: “The tenth caller will win…” Stations may instruct the caller to come to the station to pick up their prize.
  • Stations may host an on-location broadcast: the 15th person to come to our broadcast booth at the “local” store will win…
  • Use charitable/community programs: “The tenth caller will win… and we will match that by giving “the equal amount” to the children at the local children’s hospital.” (or other community charity)

(The charitable/community giveaways are a great way for stations to enhance their perception because they are giving the products to the consumer and helping the community, as well. It’s great publicity for the station and the product!)

What can manufacturers expect to receive as confirmation of radio and/or TV air mentions regarding products that have been provided?


After the completion of the promotion, many stations will send us air checks or their recorded mentions that are then forwarded on to you, the partner manufacturer, for your listening pleasure 🙂  We will also send our Marketing Media Report which details each participating station, their market rank, DMA coverage, their average persons and weekly cume listenership, station format and demographic information.

How many promotions do TV & Radio Features hold each year?


TV & Radio Features will run approximately 9 promotions per year each focused around holidays and/or special events.  TV & Radio Features will run fee-based promotions specifically for any partner manufacturer for a specific product at an agreed time, number of participating client stations and demographic concerns.

What is timing for shipping and/or arrival of product?


In general, we ask that products ship from the partner manufacturer a couple weeks prior to the start of each promotion to allow enough time to arrive at the client stations. After the stations are set for the promotion, TV & Radio Features will send a shipping list with the contact information for you to send the products directly to each participating station.

How will I know if my product(s) will be the right fit for a particular promotion?


TV & Radio Features works closely with each partner manufacturer to make sure that each product will be suitable for each specific promotion as well as the on air copy.

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